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I don’t really have anything to say right now…

Nothing has really been catching my attention so much that writing about it is interesting. I have two saved beginnings of music reviews that I lost interest in in the middle of writing (Silage and Queens of the Stone Age if anyone is interested enough to make a request to force me into completing one or both), but nothing has really been hitting my creative buttons right now. Since I don’t get anything out of writing this blog, I’m not going to force the issue.

However, I will make brief note of several things:

1) The Phillies are currently 1.5 games behind a scuffling Mets with a week and a half to go. Of course, as a Phillies fan there are two definite truths to gleam from this. A) I really, really want them to overtake the Mets. B) I have lived and died with every pitch since 2002 so know that such a simple thing is generally impossible in the city of Philadelphia.

2) I’m really enjoying Edgar Allan Poe. I had to read some of him for my short story class and never really realized just how crucial the man was to the short story genre. We tend to view the novel as being more serious and in demand of more talent than the short story, but that is simply not the case. Poe even goes as far as to say that any story that can’t be read it one sitting is too long because it will loose some of its punch.

3) While I hesitate to mention this because it isn’t really media or artistically focused (the two major points of this blog) and I would hate to see this blog deteriorate into just another “life” blog (today I got my hair cut and OMG I totally hate it!) I feel that it is worth mentioning that I’ve been blessed to have a number of Really Good Friend Interactions lately.

-These RGFIs started last week when I met one of my roommate’s friends and we just sort of instantly meshed.

-Then yesterday I went to a video game store that I had not been to before. I hadn’t really been aware of its existence until I was at the mall and a clerk at the video game store there mentioned it to another customer. Since I was in the area, I figured I’d check it out. I walked in and saw that one of the clerks looked like a friend I hadn’t seen all summer. I knew it wasn’t him, though, because he goes to college in Philadelphia. So I did my shopping and was about to check out when I hear “Jacob!” I instantly was pretty sure that it MUST have been my friend, but turned around slowly and, still unbelieving his current existence, made a scene of checking his name tag. It was definitely him (apparently his school starts uber-late) and we had a good conversation.

Then yesterday evening my roommate decided that we all needed to go out to a bar for drinks. So I agreed to go since I knew almost everyone she was inviting, several of whom were quiet awesome (the above mentioned insta-mesh friend, as well as one of the funniest guys I have ever met). As it turned out, it was only us roommates plus the one friend whom I had never really met before. Yet it was good. We went to The Brickyard and hated it, so hopped our way over to Annie Baileys, one of the nicest bars in town. There Insta-Mesh drifted in after we’d been there half an hour or so and so grand times were had. Unfortunately Uber Funny never called back… but life goes on, yeah?

(The result of the evening ended up being four hours of sleep for myself, considering I had an 10am class… though I really should have skipped because we’ve had a fill-in professor the past two classes and he’s really quite boring and seems to forget he’s lecturing to a 100 level class instead of actual physics majors. I got very little from it and the time would have been better spent sleeping.)

Hopefully in the next few days I’ll actually get inspired to write something of substance rather than this frilly, free-of-content filler. My apologies to my regular readers.


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