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Lovedrug – Everything Starts Where It Ends

Year 2007 in the world of music has been… disappointing. Favorite artists have released underwhelming albums (The Shins, Bjork) or albums that fail to capture my imagination (The White Stripes). Which wouldn’t be extremely disappointing except I’ve only discovered a handful of new artists to capture my attention (St. Vincent, Noisettes).  For the first time in years it is looking like my normal year-end top-20 list will get shrunk to a top-10. And there still might be filler on it.

One possible option for the filler is Lovedrug’s second full length release. My history with this band is long and storied– swinging from extreme hater to a non-hater. Then ending up as an appreciator. It is a whirlwind of a story. Grab a cup of mocha and enjoy…

Once upon a time there was a band named Kerith Ravine. They were a little band out of Ohio who released one awesome CD, a couple of tantalizing EPs,  and then disappeared.
Along comes Lovedrug, who just happens to have several of the same members as Kerith Ravine (including the lead singer/songwriter). “Ho boy!” said I. “This will be almost like having Kerith Ravine back!

The first Lovedrug CD, Pretend You’re Alive, did nothing to prove my initial enthusiasm justified. Bland, typical indie emo rock anthems. So naturally Lovedrug became much bigger than Kerith Ravine could have ever hoped to be. Yes, I was bitter. I lamented the inane music industry and its championing of mediocre talent.

I saw them live. And that was when I stopped being anti-Lovedrug. They put on a great, energetic live show. It was the only context which the songs off of Pretend You’re Alive did anything. The live show gave me enough to hold onto to allow me to have hope for Lovedrug’s future.

Which brings us to Everything Starts Where It Ends, the new Lovedrug release. It keeps a similar tone to Pretend You’re Alive, but creatively pushing the envelope. As a result it sounds a lot more alive. It ends up being an engaging listen that doesn’t play it safe.

It still fails to live up to Kerith Ravine, however this album won’t surprise fans of Kerith Ravine the way it might surprise those simply familiar with Pretend You’re Alive. The album proves that Lovedrug are going in the right direction and, perhaps later down the road, will fulfill the promise Kerith Ravine came close to perfecting.


August 24, 2007 - Posted by | Music

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