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Superbad is a movie I have been looking forward to since I saw a preview early this year. After the genius of Arrested Development any movie starring any of the main characters catches my eye. Michael Cera, who played George Michael on Arrested Development, was one of my favorites. The previews for Superbad were amusing but I was sold completely on the strength of George Michael.

Realistically, this movie isn’t a far shot from what drifts through your average American male teenager’s mind: Sex, sex, sex, penis, sex, scoring alcohol, sex, boobs, sex, porn, and any other key buzzword to cause this blog to come up on any naughty Google search. Seth, played by Jonah Hill, even has a casual discussion with Evan (George Mic… erm, Michael Cera) about which porn site he’s planning on subscribing to. Yet Superbad manages to do more than remind people of their adolescence.

The character who ends up being the most interesting in the movie is Fogell (the debut of Christopher Mintz-Plasse– you’ll be seeing more of him, I guarentee it), an ultra nerdy kid whom no one really likes except himself. Evan tolerates him well enough to agree to be roommates in college while Seth really doesn’t seem to think he contributes much. Yet the three still hang out and drink alcohol together, albiet in one of their basements and not at the cool parties the other kids are going to.

This all changes when Fogell finds a place to purchase a fake I.D.. Seth immediately latches onto this and sees this as an opportunity. He promises the pretty girl in his cooking class that he would pick up the alcohol for a party that evening. She, doubtlessly, sees it as nothing more than a convenience that saves her from trying to dig the alcohol up. Seth sees it as a promise for some lovin’.

The movie doesn’t really pick up until Seth sees the I.D. that Fogell acquired. We find out (as if we didn’t already know from the numerous commercials) that Fogell picked the name McLovin. Just McLovin. Despite the obvious fakery Fogell tries the I.D. out at a liquor store. Things happen, people get hit by cars, and all of a sudden we have a movie with two identities. We have one storyline with Fogell and the cops and we have a storyline with Seth and Evan trying to find a way to get alcohol for this party… undoubtedly the first real party either of them have been to.

Then there are the girls. Each of the guys has a girl he’s had his eye on. For Seth there is Jules, played by Emma Stone, who is the curator of the party and looks like a model.  Evan can’t keep his eyes off of Becca (Martha MacIsaac), who has more of a hometown quality to her (and I don’t mean that in a bad way). For Fogell there is Nicola, played by the stunningly gorgeous Aviva (pictured left and in the above picture with Fogell). Aviva really does go by just one name having dropped Farber, her last name.

Each, by the end of the night, ends in disaster. Evan almost gets raped by a drunk Becca, a drunk Seth accidentally head-butts a sober Jules, and Fogell gets busted by the cops while in bed with his vixen. There is more to the ending than that, but I’m not here to play the part of a spoiler.

In the end the movie is quite funny, though not as funny as my high expectations were set up for. Yet it is also a very sweet movie that will have you saying “awwe” at points. Which, in my opinion, is a perk. Movies like this have to display real humanity or they’ll become mired in nothing more than dick jokes. So Superbad is recommended. But I won’t really know what I think until I see it a second time to see how repeat viewings treat it.


August 21, 2007 - Posted by | Movies

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  1. i might have to check this out now!

    Comment by Theo | August 26, 2007 | Reply

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