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Lancaster Brewing Co

Lancaster Brewing Company has been a mainstay in the local beer scene for a while. While I find their stuff out of bottles a tad bland, I always enjoy going to the brewpub and getting their stuff on tap. They name the beers in a way that feels delightfully local, considering the Amish/farming community Lancaster offers. There is a Milk Stout, the Hop Hog IPA, the Amish 4 Grain Pale Ale… etc and so forth.

I’ve been there a number of times and usually try one that I’ve never tried before, in addition to a pint of the Hop Hog, the good ol’ standby. However, this time the most impressive beer was a cask conditioned mixture that I’ve never seen before. Apparently they blended the Hop Hog and the Milk Stout creating a stout that was hoppy… or an IPA that was dark and stouty. Anyway, it was quite delicious and it would be cool to see them make that a frequent addition to their tap lineup.  It made me wonder if getting bottles and mixing the two would create something similar. If so that would be quite fun.

The Milk Stout is one of the few stouts I really can drink and enjoy. It certainly has that lactose feeling to it, which, as a milk fan, is certainly not a bad thing. Part of the reason I’m not too fond of stouts is how they feel in my mouth. The Milk Stout has a mouth feel that is more alive.

Oh, and the pizza I got from LBC was fantastic. Although I might have to try their Reuben sandwich at some point. But it was a good evening for sure. If you like microbrews and are in the Lancaster area, give the place a try. If nothing else, the atmosphere should make it a winner.


August 12, 2007 - Posted by | Beer

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  1. I think bland is an understatement. I never really had a beer of theirs that I’ve enjoyed.

    You should try a micro brewery on Washington Ave in Ephrata…

    I have a black porter in the distiller right now. Then I’ll be doing a pumpkin lager for the fall season(should be ready by Thanksgiving) then my Christmas Ale is going to kick ass. A nice blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and a teaspoon of honey for that extra malty taste. MMmmmmm.

    Comment by andy | August 17, 2007 | Reply

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