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I have seen some awesome concerts in my day. I’ll admit it. Four stand out as being just stupendously awesome that they all tie for my #1 spot. In chronological order…

X) 16 Horsepower in Cleveland. The raw energy was amazing. Watching David Eugene Edwards  switch off between his banjo, guitar, and bandonian was great. This bass player was riviting. And how often can you say that about bass players? Live is really the best way to experience this band. (The live DVD does the live show some justice, so since the band no longer exists it is a nice second-best. Just make sure to check out the LIVE DVD and not the INTERVIEWS DVD. Biiiig difference.)


X)  Sufjan Stevens in both Cleveland, OH and Lancaster, PA. I suppose if I had to drop one artist to narrow down to a top three sharing the #1 spot, it would be Sufjan. But still, both concerts were fantastic for different reasons. It was 2005 on the cusp of Sufjan’s explosion into the indie elite and the crowds were just electric.

X) Man Man in Harrisonburg, VA at MACRoCK festival. How many times could a festival show be totally stunning? Not too often. Macrock takes an edge just for the fact that most of the stages take place in actual bars like a real show. Thankfully, Man Man played late enough that they probably played a good half hour to forty minutes. Which, honestly, is probably the average length of their set, anyway. You can’t really describe Man Man… they have to be experienced. Preferably live. Because on CD it sounds much flatter. It just explodes on stage.

(Above image not from the Macrock show. I couldn’t find any. Sigh.)

X) Sonic Youth, The Magic Numbers, and The Flaming Lips in Allentown, PA at the  2006 town fair. Hard to believe this show happened almost a year ago already. Yet here we are. Sonic Youth is one of my favorite bands, with only The Residents realistically rivaling them. And chances are I’ll never be able to see The Residents live in any way in person… so seeing Sonic Youth was kind of like the completion of a dream for me. And it was pretty much amazing. The only thing that could have made it better would have been to play more songs from the mid-to-late-90s, particularly off of NYC Ghosts & Flowers. The Magic Numbers opened and were pretty much awesome also. And The Flaming Lips closed and, despite me not being a huge fan of their music, they sure know how to put on a huge live experience. (The only downer to the evening was an excruciatingly long set from the horrible Ween.)

(Again, not from actual show.)

Which brings me to They put on a series of benefit concerts and have a bunch of video footage on their website that can be downloaded. Of special interest to me were the three full Man Man songs they had up. The one was really bad (instead of watching Engrish Bwudd on their site, go to and search “macrock” and “man man” and it will be much, much better. Plus you’ll see me in the crowd at a couple of points.) But the second song must be new, because I don’t have any record of it… it’s pretty cool. Definitely the sort of song that works really well live. Then the final songs is awesome, also… not new, though.

Sonic Youth also did a benefit for free yr radio. Unfortunately there is no footage on the free yr radio website, but if you go to, there is a great video of them performing a song off of their first full length album, Confusion Is Sex. I hate pitchfork as much as the next self-respecting sub-indie snob, but they do occasionally provide some cool stuff. Definitely check that one out. It. will. blow. your. mind.

After all of that, if you still happen to have a mind, either search youtube for 16 Horsepower or Man Man (not an easy task given the insanely common occurrence of the term “man”) or Sonic Youth. You’ll thank me later.


August 12, 2007 - Posted by | Internet, Music

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